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Elon community expresses sorrow about the approval of Amendment One

Despite the passage of the marriage-amendment May 8, those in opposition to Amendment One gathered in community and hope May 9 at Elon University. The university’s Student Government Association approved a resolution stating the institution’s opposition to the amendment that defines the marriage between one man and one woman as the only domestic legal union recognized […]

County residents divided by Amendment One during primary elections

The highly anticipated day arrived at last. A steady steam of people entered the First Baptist Church of Elon May 8 to cast their votes in the North Carolina Primary Elections. This year’s ballot prompted voters to indicate their support or opposition of Amendment One, a proposed addition to the North Carolina State Constitution defining marriage […]

Editorial: Amendment One endangers rights of all North Carolina residents

Whether you are gay or straight, male or female, married or unmarried, Amendment One threatens your rights. It threatens your neighbor’s rights. It threatens your children’s rights. We oppose Amendment One, a poorly-worded attempt by the state to regulate marriage, because it is discriminatory toward all North Carolina residents. It jeopardizes the rights of citizens […]

Legislation opposing Amendment One generates discussion in SGA

The critical date is edging closer, and the buzz surrounding the controversy is growing louder every day. Elon University’s Student Government Association partnered with Lauren Clapp, advocacy and eduation chair of Spectrum, last week to draft a resolution expressing SGA’s opposition to Amendment One, an issue in the upcoming North Carolina primary election May 8. […]

North Carolina learns from Maine in battle surrounding Amendment One

In the past several years, bills to allow same-sex marriage have caused numerous controversies as they have been disputed, vetoed and reversed. Thursday night, The Elon Center for the Study of Religion hosted North Carolina’s first screening of “Question One,” a documentary about the 2009 referendum vote that caused Maine to reverse its move to […]

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