International Coffee Festival brings exotic espressos to Irazu

Junior Katy Gale samples coffees form around the world at the International Coffee Festival in Irazu Friday. Photo by Merissa Blitz, staff photographer.

As I walked into Irazú this morning, with camera in hand, I was greated by a very excited Nada Azem waving me over and saying, “Oh please take some pictures, we need as much publicity as we can get!”

I had stumbled upon the International Coffee Festival, an event put on by Elon’s International  Society. This is it’s second year running. The festival served free samples of 5 different types of coffee from, one each from Italy, France, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Turkey.

“Every month we do something to educate Elon about international things,” said Azem, who is the organization’s president. At the end of the month, they plan on having a Persian dinner.

Along with the samples of coffee, there were also Syrian sweets available. Azem was mentioning something about trying the flowers to one of her friends that was there. Flowers? I became intrigued. I unwrapped the small package containing a treat that included a mix of dates and pistachios wrapped in dried petals. All I can say is that it tasted like a flower.

All photos by Merissa Blitz:


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