Elon freshmen arrested for drug paraphernalia in second case since spring break

Two Elon freshmen were arrested Saturday in Barney dorm on four charges of drug paraphernalia each. They were scheduled for a first appearance in court this past Monday.

John P. Steers, 19, of 15 Hilltop Pl., Rye, N.Y., and Sean T. Finan, 18, of 8 Wheeler Gate, Westport, Conn., were arrested and held on $2,500 bond each for one felony count of possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell and deliver, and three misdemeanors including simple possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a dwelling for drugs. Both students posted bond almost immediately and were released, according to Chuck Gantos, director of campus safety and police.

During the arrest, police found a safe, a vaporizer, a glass water bong, a scale, rolling papers, three marijuana grinders, three plastic baggies, a pipe and a notepad being used as a sale log. The value of the items totals $505. $330 in cash was also found in the room in Barney.

“The officers smelled marijuana, knocked on the door, were given permission to enter, went in and basically the drugs were there,” Gantos said. “(The) students were cooperative, worked with the police.”

Finan and Steers’ next court date is set for July 19.

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  • Guest11

    So why does the title reference the misdemeanor charge, but not the intent to sell and deliver? That is a felony charge. The title seems to downplay the charges.

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